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    Hello, my name is Andrew Rose, and here’s my elevator speech: I’m a journeyman graphic designer with creative director credentials.

    I’ve burnished my design and creative leadership skills working in advertising agencies, led a corporate advertising/marketing department, and for the better part of 20 years provided contract creative services to an impressively diverse client list — some of the largest companies in the world and undoubtedly some of the smallest. I work solo, on-site and off on just about any sized marketing communications project. And I have the resources, if scope dictates, to convene a right-sized work group to tackle just about any project.

    What can I do for you?

    I freelanced for an extended period with a small niche agency that focused almost singularly on creating shopper marketing programs. These campaigns were ultra successful at driving consumer behavior based on three key ingredients: meaningful offers that resonated with customers, deep understanding of the grocery environment and culture, and ‘cut through the clutter’ graphic executions.

    The campaigns were usually integrated with larger advertising and marketing efforts. The challenge was to take existing equities and transform them into engaging and concise in-store signage with attract visuals, instructions/calls to action, and legal disclaimers. Perhaps not the most beautiful pieces in a designer’s portfolio but worthy for the challenges they present and the marketing success they represent for the client.