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    Hello, my name is Andrew Rose, and here’s my elevator speech: I’m a journeyman graphic designer with creative director credentials.

    I’ve burnished my design and creative leadership skills working in advertising agencies, led a corporate advertising/marketing department, and for the better part of 20 years provided contract creative services to an impressively diverse client list — some of the largest companies in the world and undoubtedly some of the smallest. I work solo, on-site and off on just about any sized marketing communications project. And I have the resources, if scope dictates, to convene a right-sized work group to tackle just about any project.

    What can I do for you?

    Bank of America

    As an art director for an agency specializing in bank marketing, I worked as lead graphic designer for POS campaigns (such as the ‘Try Freedom Checking’ campaign featured here). On top of conceptualizing and designing, I was part of the massive production choreography with clients, vendors, and internal production teams. For these campaigns, over 150 unique printed elements and multi-media components were created and custom kitted for each location, every 6 weeks. I also worked on specialty projects such as environmental graphics, direct mail and ATM machine attract animations.